SAMSKRIT TUTORIAL is a project of Samskrit Promotion Foundation

The Samskrit Promotion Foundation [SPF] has been conceived

  • To accelerate the renewed interest of India and the world in Samskrit as a tool to open the treasures of ancient knowledge and to handle the modern technology.
  • To create and support a movement to popularize Samskrit in India and across the world, through Sanskrit, revitalize and strengthen the Indian Civilization.
  • To eradicate barriers and differences of language, caste, religion, region and gender in the society. One of the main ¬†objectives of SPF is to use Samskrit as an effective tool to socially and economically empower¬†¬†the weaker sections of the ¬†society.

SPF will be working in association with voluntary organizations who are already in the field, Samskrit Universities, Academies, Foundations, Research Institutes, Central and State Government bodies and other likeminded organizations and individuals. The idea is to involve and actively engage each and every Samskrit loving person and institution in Samskrit Promotion Activities throughout the country and to facilitate a movement.
SPF is registered as a Trust and donations made to the SPF are exempted from Income Tax under section 80 G.

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